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Elijah Sorinola


The Web3 Industry is rapidly expanding. Hundreds of decentralized networks, cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain-powered applications are anticipated to be launched on the internet and in the global finance industry in the future.

However, there's a need for more web3 developers to create and implement these projects to accelerate the development of the space further.


This tutorial is designed for intermediate and beginner developers looking to port or start their amazing journey toward web3 development. Basic computer operation and programming knowledge in Python, JavaScript, and Solidity will help accelerate your journey even faster.


Ensure you install the necessary programming languages before starting on a PC or desktop. This allows learning to be easier and more convenient. In addition, ensure you download the necessary packages (which will not be fully explained) to ease learning.

Getting started

According to SlashData, a developer statistics organization, there were over 30 million software developers worldwide in the first quarter of 2022. Despite this enormous quantity, there are surprisingly few Web3 developers available.

There are still less than 20,000 Web3 developers working in the whole space. To put this in a better perspective, that's less than the number of developers working for Web2 brands like Meta alone. The number only accounts for less than 1% of developers worldwide.

With a small number of web developers and a growing market, the web3 sector desperately needs skilled programmers like YOU.

Pie Chart

Breaking into the web3 Industry as a budding developer can be difficult. Many blogs and productivity experts would advise you first to define your goals, who you want to be, locate a niche, etc.

But how will you know since you most likely need more real-world experience to understand what appeals to you the most? This article is intended for beginning and intermediate developers and aims to ease their transition into the Web3 world as developers.

Web3 developer roadmap


A roadmap for web3 developers provides step-by-step instructions on beginning a career as a Web3 developer. It is used by numerous institutions, training organizations, job seekers, and specialists in the web3 field. In this article, we'll go over the most crucial abilities required of web3 developers. We have also compiled a lengthy list of tools and ideas you should learn to get into the field.

Understand the basics of several Web2 computer programming languages

As aforementioned, there are mandatory prerequisites that beginners and intermediates should be aware of. This includes basic or in-depth knowledge of coding/programming in basic languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and more.

Your Web2 knowledge will help you advance to Web3 and expose you to fundamental computer concepts (such as operating systems and networking) and problem-solving techniques necessary for web2 and web3 programming.

To fully understand the basic concept of programming, free resources and websites like Celo Developer resources, Future Learn, and Freecodecamp provide the public with thousands of videos, articles, and interactive coding lessons.

Learn the fundamentals of blockchain

Although they are brilliant pieces of technology, blockchains are difficult to comprehend. The blockchain is a shared, unchangeable ledger that keeps track of transactions, assets, and trust. While it may take some time to learn blockchain thoroughly, there are certain key aspects to keep an eye out for:

  • The significance of blockchain technology
  • Use cases and the blockchain's operation
  • Immutable Records, Smart Contracts, and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) are the three main components of the blockchain.
  • Learn about the decentralization of Web3, consensus methods, hashing operations, mining, security, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Include Web3 elements such as blocks, block indexes, timestamps, block hashes, block times, and others.

To understand better, there are free online courses from blockchain professionals. These include the free Celo YouTube channel for developers, the Blockchain Developer Nano degree on Udacity, and the Blockchain Developer Course by Pluralsight.

Learn cryptography

Cryptography is the most crucial and essential requirement for building a blockchain. Sensitive information can be safeguarded by cryptography from unauthorized access. The blockchain uses cryptographic methods as part of its security measures. Check out this comprehensive list (GitHub repository) of cryptography resources for a more in-depth understanding of encryption and the blockchain.

Learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Celo, and any equivalent

Now that you have an understanding of how Blockchain looks like and functions, explore more about the working of a Blockchain. This documentation helps you understand and build on Celo; for an interactive learning experience.

Understand smart contracts

On a blockchain, smart contracts are self-executing programs that run when certain conditions are satisfied. Most of the time, they are used to automate transaction performance so that everyone may know the outcome immediately without involving a third party or losing time.

You can create clients that communicate with the Ethereum Blockchain using Web3JS or build a full and lightweight framework for gaining access to the Ethereum Blockchain and its ecosystem on the ethers.js library.

Learn DApps (Web3 programming languages) – Solidity

Dapp stands for Decentralized Application and describes the programs constructed on top of blockchains. DApps can be created as a website or a mobile application because they are used in the majority of functional ways like any other software program. There are tutorials and introductions to Dapps in several well-known ecosystems, some of which include:


Now that you have mastered Blockchain development, It's time to practice your Blockchain development skills with some great projects. Here are some resources that will help:

Web3 developer certification

The most important phase in the process of becoming a certified web3 specialist would be selecting a trustworthy certification. With trustworthy web3 credentials, you have a higher chance of landing a career or a high-paying position. Even though abilities are a requirement, a certificate raises your appeal.

Knowing which certification to get might be challenging, given the wide variety available. Ensure you obtain certification from a reputable educational organization in any desired web3 development area.

Web3 developer vs blockchain developer

Web3 developer vs blockchain developer

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The terms "web3 developer" and "blockchain developer" are frequently used interchangeably. Although they both play a part in the web3 platform, their jobs are distinct, they call for different skill sets, and their salaries vary.

As the name suggests, a Web3 developer develops blockchain-based applications. Web applications are made by web3 developers using the design and protocol of web3 architects. These programmers also oversee the stack that dApps run on and develop their front-end and back-end.

Applications built using the blockchain architecture and protocol are the responsibility of blockchain software developers. They make smart contracts, which are blockchain-based programs that execute automatically when certain circumstances are satisfied. There are two categories of blockchain developers:

  • Blockchain software developers
  • Core blockchain developers are in charge of creating the blockchain system's architecture, design, and security.

Web3 developer job description

Web3 developer job description entails the need for a job developer by the company, the expected duties you are to carry out, and the possible qualifications you are to have. In a web3 developer job description, some of the duties include

  • The company's public API and SDK will be designed, implemented, and supported by Web3 developers.
  • Requirements, wireframes, APIs, and SDK, should be designed, developed, supported, and maintained.
  • Come up with and assess ideas for new tools and technology
  • Help develop, test, and implement protocols
  • Assume responsibility for the creation and upkeep of the interface that connects smart contracts with the native web experience.
  • Make smart contracts for the issue, creation, and trading of financial instruments on the Ethereum-based blockchain.

Are web3 developers in demand?

There is a high demand for web3 developers in the market. Companies and startups looking to create decentralized products for the public require highly skilled professionals in DApp language to bring these products to life.

Why the Celo ecosystem is perfect for every developer

Celo is a layer one protocol and blockchain platform, and the Celo Mainnet is entirely separate from the Ethereum network. As both networks use the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to implement smart contract functionality, Celo and Ethereum are comparable in terms of programmability. Because of this resemblance, all programming languages, development tools, and standards geared toward the EVM apply to Celo and Ethereum.

With Celo, beginner Web3 developers can build for the 6 Billion smartphones on Earth. The ecosystem enables web3 developers to construct financial dApps that establish the foundations for everyone's success.

Every developer should use the Celo ecosystem because of its decentralized security. Because it is secure against hackers, it is prohibitively expensive for online criminals to hack a blockchain network.

Due to the Ethereum development ecosystem's maturity, many blockchain developers favor the Celo ecosystem. The ecosystem separates itself from the competition because of its wide variety of resources and development tools.


Congratulations on being one of the many finishing the tutorial. Getting into web3 development might initially look difficult, but it is an excellent career choice, especially for beginners and intermediates with little or no experience.

If you choose to go self-paced (that is, self-teaching), ensure you understand basic programming, read up on the blockchain, and understand smart contracts, for better understanding.

You can also join the Celo Developer community, where you can connect with many like-minds who will be willing to help guide you toward taking the right step in your web3 development journey.

What's Next?

For beginner and intermediate web3 developers, follow up with:

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🎓 Web3 has an education problem

Web3 and blockchain are the future of the modern internet. That said, it's still challenging to learn and build on Web3 because most projects are poorly documented and very few learning resources are available for developers. Even though Web3 is such a revolutionary technology, it still lacks educational the materials that allow developers to contribute and restricts developers from succeeding in Web3.