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🌱 How to Complete your Tutorial

Step-by-step instructions to complete your Celo Sage tutorial.

Getting Started

After submitting your tutorial, it will be reviewed by a team member from the Celo Foundation. After review your tutorial submission will either be accepted, rejected, or you will receive feedback on how to improve the idea.

  • Accepted: Move forward with instructions below on how to complete your tutorial.
  • Rejected: This idea does not meet the legel standards or best practices for a Celo Sage tutorial.
  • Improve: The idea may need some additional support before getting started. Please address the feedback you receive and work with the team until your idea is Accepted.

Check out the Contribution Guidelines and Tutorial Structure for best practices while completing your tutorial.

Tutorial Creation Process

  • Move the Trello Card for your tutorial from Todo to In progress
  • Follow the link in the Trello card to access the Google Doc where you’ll write your tutorial content
  • Once you have completed your tutorial, move your Trello Card from In progress to Review and please wait as we review your tutorial and address any comments from your reviewer.
  • Once approved, we will move your Trello Card into the Approved column. From here you can convert your tutorial to markdown and submit a PR to the docs repo.

After your PR is approved, please follow the instructions detailed in the email titled Celo Sage Payments and KYC to ensure you receive payment for your contribution.

How to Create a PR

  • Fork the repo.
  • Create a branch name with syntax - sage/<tutorial-title>
  • Create a PR from your branch to main branch. Make sure to add ?template=celo-sage-template at the end of the PR URL to get the template for the PR.

Example - <>...<branchname>?template=celo-sage-template


If you have issue getting the PR Template, you can get the template from here - Celo Sage PR Template.

Best Practices

  • Before creating a PR, make sure to pull the code from main branch - git pull upstream main.
  • Add your article in the src/data-tutorials/users.tsx file.
  • Make sure to add the celosage tag in your article's frontmatter and src/data-tutorials/users.tsx file
  • Don't use any # tag in your article. Please use ## for titles, ### for subtitles.
  • Don't use ** or *** in your titles or subtitles. Use ## or ### instead. ## and ### will automatically bold the text.
  • Add a header image just after frontmatter. The image should look something like this - ![header](../src/data-tutorials/showcase/<beginner/intermediate/advance>/<image-name>.png)
  • Please run the prettier in your markdown file before creating a PR. You can use the prettier extension in VS Code or you can use the prettier online tool - Prettier Online.
  • To use prettier in VSCode, you can press Cmd/Ctrl + shift + p and search for Format Document with and select Prettier - Code formatter.
  • If you have images in your articles, then create a folder in blogs/ directory, and add the markdkown file and images in images/ folder.
  • If the paragraph is too big, then please break it into multiple lines. It will help in reviewing the PR.
  • If you want to be nested lists, follow this article.
  • Don't add the title of your article to your blog, as it will be added automatically.
  • Before creating a PR, make sure your code is well formatted and there are no errors in the console.
  • Make sure to add a header image of your article in src/data-tutorials/users.tsx. You can get the header image from your Trello card.