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Celo DApp Gallery

List of featured DApp examples to help you learn more about Celo.


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Celo Camp Projects

Celo Camp is a virtual accelerator and competition focused on helping startups and developers build decentralized financial apps (dApps) on Celo. During Celo Camp, teams will build mobile-first dApps and other financial tools and services on Celo. In addition to receiving technical and Web3 support, teams receive guidance from experienced mentors, alongside a custom-built curriculum, that will set them up for the next phase of their entrepreneurial success.

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GoodGosting is a no-loss DeFi saving game. Users can compete with others to get higher interest rates than when they would save by themselves. We created a shared saving pool smart contract, which plugs into existing Celo DeFi projects (e.g. Moola) to generate interest for all winning players.


Infibridge is a Metamask-like browser extension wallet for Celo. It will support payment of gas fees in Celo or stable currencies like cUSD and cEUR. It has deep integration with Celo to allow staking, voting and token swaps.

Biscoint DollarSave

Biscoint is working on an out-of-the-box CELO and Celo Dollar hot wallet to be used by projects that require automated processing of withdrawals. They also created a cUSD SPV client written in Typescript.


Paychant is developing an open-source web wallet developed on the Celo blockchain.


Moola is working on algorithmic money markets on Celo.


LeafCelo is developing lenrefugee, a guarantor-backed DeFi lending platform for refugees.

El Dorado

El Dorado is building "the crypto dollar wallet of LATAM. We are reinventing the way financial products and services are designed, especially for people living in unstable economies. We are going to provide all the services a bank can offer and more. USD savings accounts and P2P payments/exchange. All powered by Open Blockchains."

ReSource Network

The ReSource Network is building a resource-based mutual credit blockchain protocol. The initial version is deployed in CELO mainnet on address: 0x39049c02a56c3ecd046f6c2a9be0cffa2bc29c08


An integration of a Celo Dollar (Mento Stablecoin) and Mpesa, showing flows of payment between a Mpesa User and a Celo Blockchain wallet from anywhere in the world. Our aim with Pesabase is to provide Africans with a cheap and social option to remit and pay for goods and services.

Wallet as a Service

Tangany's custody solution Wallet as a Service enables you to create and manage HSM-secured wallets and interact with the underlying blockchain. Our API makes it incredibly easy for developers to execute transactions, check details of past transactions or query account balances without any worries about private key safekeeping. For the Celo Camp 2020 we have developed a prototype version of our product that integrates the Celo blockchain. The demo project presents the new features and provides some code snippets to get started.


impactMarket enables any vulnerable community to create its own unconditional basic income system for their beneficiaries, where each one can claim a fixed amount on a regular basis and make payments for free.

Celo Toolkit by MugglePay

MugglePay provides a payment SDK for merchants to accept cryptocurrencies. Mugglepay makes crypto payment easy and thousands of merchants are onboarded with MugglePay SDK. For the Celo Camp 2020, we will integrate with cUSD/CELO for payments on the Celo blockchain.

Celo Toolkit is the open source interface for managing Celo accounts on the Web. Celo developer might start with a funded Celo account (Testnet) now in 1 minute. A Phone number or app downloads are not necessary.

Dunia Pay Wallet

At Dunia Payment, we are building an electronic wallet that will let people in Sub-Saharan Africa send and receive money directly on their phones. The app will use the Celo light client to process transactions faster, even in low internet connection areas common in Africa. The wallet will be built on top of the Celo platform and also using a set of external open source smart contracts.

Cryptum Woocommerce Checkout

Based on Cryptum APIs, the open source Plugin connects to WordPress e-commerces checkouts, providing fast and easy integration for Celo and cUSD acceptance and management for merchants.

Cryptum Woocommerce NFT

Based on Cryptum APIs, the open source Plugin connects to WordPress e-commerces, providing easy and fast Celo NFT creation and integration through a no-code interface - with marketplace goods for merchants, offering customers unique experiences and extending NFT possibilities for many marketplaces.

Bloinx by BX Smart Labs

A decentralized app that helps users to create reliable savings communities by using smart contracts, in a transparent, verifiable, and trustworthy environment. Bloinx is upgrading the way to manage TANDAS, which are rotating, saving, and credit associations, used in Latin American communities.

Talent Protocol

Talent Protocol is a web3 platform where talent can easily launch a social token (called Talent Tokens) to accelerate their career, and where supporters can back people they believe in.

Decentralized Impact Incubator Winners

The Decentralized Impact Incubator is a 6-week program to ideate and prototype blockchain-based solutions to global social and environmental challenges. During the period, participants from around the world gather to form teams, design business models, and draft proposals and code. Teams need to pass through weekly checkpoints and are guided by mentors throughout the process. Winning projects will receive grants to support continued development.

Multiply.Charity by Abundance

Multiply the impact of charitable donations by providing liquidity in credit tokens where the legacy financial system fails. Compared to cash donations, like GiveDirectly, this process has two major advantages: The credit tokens 1) fill a demand for liquidity (which banks fail to deliver), thus increasing the incentive to produce goods and services, and 2) stay in the local economy longer, resulting in a larger impact (or lower cost overhead) per donation. Early field tests demonstrate up to 20x impact over traditional donations and double the velocity (the rate at which the money is traded) to the US Dollar.


Decentralized application to help coordinate and improve the impact metric of non-profit organizations that work with migrants in Latin America.

Additional DApps


Ubeswap is a mobile-first DeFi exchange, a mobile compatible fork of Uniswap running on the Celo blockchain. Ubeswap is open source on GitHub and available on Safari for iOS and any browser on Android.

Celo Vote

Celovote automatically distributes your stake to preferred validator groups that have high estimated APY (annual percentage yield) and automatically rebalances votes if any voted groups fail to maintain high uptime. You retain full custody of your CELO and receive 100% of your rewards.

Celo Tools

Celo Tools is an accessible frontend to the Celo CLI. Anyone and everyone participating in the Celo network should be able to stake and vote on governance proposals, Celo Tools provides this functionality for those without the know-how to access a command line.

Savings Circle

Savings Circles let you pool funds with your friends to save for large purchases. They are known by a variety of names around the world and are a common way to get liquidity and access to loans without access to formal financial institutions.


Lovecrypto enables people to earn cUSD to do tasks in their phones.

Cent Wallet

Cent is a mobile wallet for buying and holding crypto as well as using Wallet Connect to authorize transactions on exchanges and other services. Cent is open source on GitHub and available on Android and iOS through the app store.


Symmetric is a fork of Balancer for Celo. Symmetric is open source on GitHub, has a tokenomics model that includes a risk fund protecting traders, is to be DAO controlled, and has a roadmap of new features.


Tradegen is an asset management and algo trading platform that connects users to traders. Users can invest in pools, manage their own pools, farm pool tokens to earn extra yield, and trade pool tokens as NFTs on the platform's marketplace. Tradegen is open source on GitHub.


UMOJA is an open banking platform that enables NGOs and FSPs to provide flexible micro-financing to anyone with a phone. Umoja is open source on GitHub and consists of a suite of APIs and products to make digital money accounts more accessible (and more easily to develop for other financial applications).


Santym is a platform that allows Africans to have access to U.S Banking with crypto integration. Santym's available on GitHub. Santym is currently working on an African Stablecoin Exchange that allows continental currencies to be easily swapped on celo's blockchain.

Into The Verse

Into the Verse is a Pixel Parallel Universe, connecting players on Celo. We have a Play2Earn NFT Dungeon Loot Game, game storefront, and Token Swaps on Celo. Open Sourced on GitHub, we aim to bridge Defi and Gaming through token-gated Pixel Metaverses.


Non-custodial multichain NFT marketplace, connected to Celo