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Code Examples

List of examples and guides to help you start building on Celo.

Sending CELO & cUSD​

The send CELO & cUSD walkthrough will guide you through the basics of connecting to Celo networks using ContractKit and sending a test transaction.


Deploy a Contract (local node)​

Our Deploy a Contract walkthrough will guide you through the basics of how to deploy your own smart contracts from a local Celo node. In this tutorial you'll deploy a contract with a simple API for writing and reading names.

Deploy a Contract (local node)

Deploy a Contract (Forno)​

Our second Deploy a Contract tutorial demonstrates how to deploy smart contracts with Truffle and Forno, a remote node service provider.

Deploy a Contract (Forno)

Mobile DApps​

Valora + Wallet Connect walkthrough will help you create a simple web dApp using React and Wallet Connect. This application will allow connecting to your Valora account and sending transactions.

Valora + Wallet Connect

Web DApps​

This React based tutorial will walk you through creating a basic Governance voting DApp. Topics covered include ContractKit usage, connecting to a users wallet and some best practices for general DApp development

React Based DApp