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Dapp Integrations

Integrate with the Celo ecosystem to extend the functionality of your dApps.

🌱 Impact

impactMarket- the largest decentralized universal basic income (UBI) protocol that gives daily/weekly cUSD stipends to 60k users worldwide. Project idea: build a protocol that redirects Moola, Mobius, and/or Ubeswap yield to impactMarket beneficiaries.

  • GitHub
  • Contracts
  • Relevant function calls
    • Read: beneficiary status, unclaimed UBI, total claimed UBI
    • Write: donate, claim UBI

esolidar- Empowering philanthropy and ESG practice through blockchain. Any nonprofit, sustainable project or cause can choose to receive Celo stablecoins as donations.

💰 Saving

GoodGhosting - a gamified savings protocol where savings pools reward regular savers with higher interest rates and extra rewards by taking some interest away from those who don’t. Powered by Moola and Mobius.

PoolTogether - a no-loss lottery that invests user deposits in lending markets then lotteries off the yield to a single entity. Powered by Moola.

📡 Oracles

Celo Reserve - a data feed on the price of Celo’s native asset (CELO) in terms of cUSD, cEUR, and cREAL. Also supports BTC and ETH.

Redstone - source hundreds of token prices using the Arweave blockchain

Band Protocol

💱 Exchanges

Ubeswap - a token launchpad DEX that makes it easy for teams to set-up farming incentives for their liquidity pools. Ubeswap has a constant product AMM as well as an on-chain limit order book.

  • GitHub
  • Contracts
  • Relevant function calls
    • Read: price quotes, pool compositions, unclaimed rewards
    • Write: Limit order, swap, deposit and withdraw to LP/farm, claim rewards

Mobius - a cross-chain stableswap exchange primarily focused on stablecoins. Move money between Celo, Ethereum, Solana, Terra, Avalanche, and Polygon–or treat it as a high-interest savings for your USD stablecoins

  • GitHub
  • Contracts
  • Relevant function calls
    • Read: price quotes, pool compositions, unclaimed rewards
    • Write: Swap, deposit and withdraw to LP/gauge, claim rewards

Symmetric - a DEX that allows pools to be composed of multiple tokens, allowing the creation of crypto index funds and non 50/50 dual asset pools (e.g. 80% cUSD, 20% MOBI) which can help prevent impermanent loss.

🏦 Lending Markets

Moola- a money market that allows users to lend cUSD, cEUR, and CELO to borrowers in return for a premium for forgoing their liquidity. Moola deposits receive mTokens which are currency denominated and accrue interest similar to dividend payments–they are essentially interest-bearing stablecoins.

  • GitHub
  • Contracts
  • Relevant function calls
    • Deposit/withdraw, get a loan, repay a loan, delegate credit, draw credit line, repay credit line, auto-collateralize loan

Pinnata - a money market for leveraged yield farming on Mobius and Sushiswap. Lend single-assets and earn interest, or lever up on your yield farming position.

Resource - a peer to peer mutual credit market that allows businesses to barter with each other using their own products and services. For example, if you run a massage shop you could offer “free” employee benefits by trading massage vouchers with a hotel for room vouchers.

  • GitHub
  • Relevant contracts
    • Social recovery multisig, gasless wallet multisig

Cyberbox - ReFi NFT Marketplace that helps anyone become carbon neutral by offsetting carbon (CO2) through NFT trading.

🤑 Yield Chasers

Beefy - an auto-compound protocol for yield farmers.

Revo Market - an auto-compound protocol for yield farmers.

🆔 Identity

Nomspace - a cross-chain naming service that allows users to map human-readable names to their wallet address across Celo, Avalanche, and Polygon.

  • GitHub
  • Contracts
  • Relevant function calls
    • Reserve a name, fetch name for an address

Celo Identity** - map a wallet address to a phone number, which allows users to send money to people who haven’t signed up yet (hold in escrow contract until phone number has been verified by 3/3 Celo validators)

🌉 Bridges

Wormhole - a generic message passing protocol that connects to multiple chains including Ethereum, Solana, Terra, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Oasis, Fantom, Karura, Celo and Aurora.

AllBridge - a fast and cheap custodial bridge for moving funds between Celo and almost every other blockchain.

💵  Cash-in/out

Ramp - a React Native SDK and API for cash-in/out. Primarily focused on the European and North American markets. Zero fees cash-in/out for Celo projects!

Bidali - a global crypto cash-out rail that leverages gift cards. No KYC required, so anyone can use it (even those without a government issued ID).

  • Contact Eric @ Node to learn more

Simplex - a global cash-in/out rail that supports most Celo assets and most FIAT currencies.

🌐 DAOs

Talent Protocol - Talent Protocol is the web3 professional community where high-potential builders can transform loose connections into a support network able to invest in their future.

  • GitHub
  • Contracts
    • Relevant function calls
      • Read: stakes (supporter - talent token relationships), total supply, available minting
      • Write: create talent token, stake, claim rewards, unstake
  • About us

📱 Social

NEFTME- A decentralized social NFT-powered network, that allows anyone, anywhere to create, share and sell a NFT, with any media content! Users can also benefit from the network value created through their engagement and connections, powered by their followers/supporters commitment, through NFTs Staking model with $NEFT token.

Thank you

Special thanks to @0xHuman and the Node team for putting together this resource for Node's Berkeley Blockchain Hackathon.