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Add New Token to Optics

How to add a new token to Optics v2.

Getting Started

Optics is a cross-chain communication system designed for use on any EVM chain. The Token Bridge xApp (an application built on top of Optics) facilitates the transfer of tokens between chains. Adding a new token to the Optics Bridge UI can be done at any time using the optics-bridge-gui-community GitHub repository.


View PR#20 to view an example of the updates required to add the PACT token.

Steps to Add a New Token

  • Step 1: Add Token Identifier
  • Step 2: Add Token Symbol
  • Step 3: Add Representation Address

Add Token Identifier

Add the Token Identifier in src/config/tokens.environment.ts.

export type TokenIdentifier = {
domain: string | number
id: string

export type mainTokenName =

// IMPORTANT make name same as tokens[token].symbol value
const TOKEN: TokenIdentifier = {
domain: 'celo',
id: ''

export default {

Add Token Details

Add the token details to the token list in src/config/config.environment.ts

import TOKEN from '../assets/token-logos/token.png'

import mainnetTokens from './tokens.main'
import { TokenMetadata, NetworkMetadata } from './config.types'
import representationsMain from './representations.main'

// Add TOKEN details here
export const tokens: { [key: string]: TokenMetadata } = {
nativeNetwork: '',
symbol: '',
name: '',
icon: ,
decimals: ,
coinGeckoId: '',
tokenIdentifier: ,
nativeOnly: ,

Add Representation Addresses

Add the representation addresses in src/config/representations.environment.ts.

const ethereum = {
TOKEN: "",

const celo = {
TOKEN: "",

const polygon = {
TOKEN: "",

export default {