Recovering ETH from a Celo Address

In this guide, steps are outlined to help you recover your Ethereum if you accidentally transferred them to a CELO (previously Celo Gold).


This guide assumes that you have access to the following:

There are risks associated with using a recovery phrase or a private key. Please do not share them with anyone else.


Please follow the instructions below closely, because missteps can lead to errors or permanent loss of your tokens. To understand these steps, please read What is Ethereum and Celo Overview.

Recover your Celo address on Ethereum with Mnemonic

Recover your Celo address on the Ethereum network:

  1. Download MyEtherWallet for Desktop (It is recommended to use the Desktop version over a webapp version)

  2. Click on "Access My Wallet"

  3. Click on "Access By Mnemonic Phrase"

  4. Enter the 24-word recovery phrase for Celo

  5. You should now have access to the same address on Ethereum, where you can recover the Ethereum you accidentally sent to your Celo address.