cUSD Owner Guide

If you intend to hold Celo Dollars (cUSD), exchange CELO for cUSD, or send cUSD to others, this guide will help you access your account and manage your funds.


This guide assumes:

Choose a Node

In order to execute the tasks listed below, you will need to point the Celo CLI to a node that is synchronized with the Mainnet. There are two options explained here.

Create an Account

There are two ways to create an account:

After creating an account, record its address in environment variables:


Exchange CELO for cUSD

Once you have deposited CELO to your account, you can check your balance:

celocli account:balance $CELO_ACCOUNT_ADDRESSS

You can exchange CELO for cUSD using the following command. Note that the unit of value is CELO Wei (1 CELO = 10^18 CELO Wei).

celocli exchange:celo --value <VALUE-TO-EXCHANGE> --from $CELO_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS

Transfer cUSD

When you have sufficient balance, you can send cUSD to other accounts. Note that the unit of value is cUSD Wei (1 cUSD = 10^18 cUSD Wei).

celocli transfer:dollars --from $CELO_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS --to <RECIPIENT-ADDRESS> --value <VALUE-TO-TRANSFER>