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Celo Signal

Celo Signal is a mailing list for everything that involves the core community of Celo as well as Celo owners who participate in governance.

If you are a:

  • Validator
  • Node Operator
  • Dapp Running Its Own Node
  • Exchange or Custodian
  • Owner who is Staking + Participating in Governance
  • Core Developer or Contributor

Then Celo Signal Mailing List is a great way to keep up with everything happening in Celo's core community.

Updates include information on following events:

  • Celo All-Core Dev Call (where Celo Platform enhancements and proposals are discussed in the community)
  • Celo Governance Call (where governance proposals are discussed prior to submission on-chain)
  • Celo Foundation Voting Program updates
  • celo-blockchain node and attestation service release updates
  • Hardfork Updates
  • Celo Core Contract Release schedule
  • Core Community Happy Hour

If you would like to keep up-to-date with all the news happening in the Celo community, including validation, node operation and governance, please sign up to our Celo Signal mailing list here.

You can add the Celo Signal public calendar as well which has relevant dates.