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Introducing Celo Sage

Β· 3 min read
Viral Sangani

Create, earn, and grow as a content creator in the Celo community.


πŸŽ“ Web3 has an education problem​

Web3 and blockchain are the future of the modern internet. That said, it's still challenging to learn and build on Web3 because most projects are poorly documented and very few learning resources are available for developers. Even though Web3 is such a revolutionary technology, it still lacks educational the materials that allow developers to contribute and restricts developers from succeeding in Web3.

🌱 The Celo community can help​

Celo Sage is a community-driven program where the community creates content like articles, tutorials, and videos to help developers onboard on Celo Ecosystem. In exchange for creating this content, contributors from our community are rewarded with protocol tokens.

🎯 Solving the Web3 skills gap​

The Celo Sage program is trying to solve two important problems:

  • Web3 Onboarding: Onboard Web2 developers/Web3 beginners onto Web3.
  • Web3 Content: Support Web3 projects with content and resources to educate developers.

🌱 Create, earn, and grow as a Celo Sage​

The Celo Sage program aims to collaborate with Celo Community and build better content for developers. Since resources in Web3 are limited and it's hard to keep up with the new projects launching daily. To solve this problem, we're introducing Celo Sage!

  • Create: Write blogs, documentation, videos, or designs to help developers build on Celo.
  • Earn: Receive bounties (Up to 500 dollars) from your work, learn and earn for your contributions.
  • Grow: Work closely with members of the Celo Community to find new opportunities.

Educational content is a HUGE problem, and we fully expect Celo Sage to grow and partner with other community members to inspire more solutions.

πŸš€ Get started as a Celo Sage​

Today we are announcing our intent to create a community of creators. For starters, developers interested in creating content, whether an article, tutorial, or video can submit an application and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Check out the following resources to learn more:

If you have an idea but are unsure about it and want to get feedback from the community, we have created a #celo-sage channel in Celo Discord just for you. We can't wait to collaborate with the Celo Community πŸ’ͺ🏼.


If you have any concerns, contact