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Contributor Guidelines

Guidelines for submitting contributions to the Celo community.

Celo is open source and we welcome open participation. We strive to fulfill our Community Tenets by being an open and inclusive community where everyone feels welcome and empowered to contribute. This also means following some ground rules and abiding by Celo’s Code of Conduct.


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How to Contribute

Our community includes a group of contributors that help develop, write, translate, and improve Celo. Anyone is welcome to join the community and contribute their skills to help empower other community members and grow the Celo ecosystem.

Code Contributors
Technical Writers
Community Improvement Proposals

A list of active contributors can be found at

Ground Rules

There are a few basic ground rules for contributing:

  • PRs (pull requests) are preferred to issues, especially for small changes such as typos. Issues should be used for missing features and for broad-based changes.
  • For on-going work, use your own side-branch and not the master branch.
  • For non-trivial amounts of work, we encourage you to submit PRs regularly to solicit feedback.
  • Please double check your work before submitting it. Submissions with typos, spelling, and grammatical errors may not be merged until fixed.
  • Try to remain as objective and fact-based as possible.

Submitting PRs

We encourage you to PR (pull request) your work regularly and often to solicit feedback and to ensure everyone has an idea of what you’re working on. If you’ve just started, we suggest creating a PR with “WIP” (Work In Progress) in the title and let us know when it’s ready to review in the comments.

Code of Conduct

Participation in the Celo project is subject to the Code of Conduct.