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This section contains information about some of the key tools and resources that will help developers start building applications on Celo.

Quick Start Guides#

View the Developer Code Examples page to get started using the Celo SDKs with guided coding exercises.



  • ContractKit
    • Javascript package of Celo blockchain utilities
    • Manage connections to the Celo blockchain, accounts, send transactions, interact with smart contracts, etc.
    • A set of wrappers around the core protocol smart contracts to easily connect with contracts related to governance, validators, on-chain exchange, etc.
    • Includes web3.js
  • Celo Ethers.js Wrapper (experimental)
    • A minimal wrapper to make ethers.js compatible with the Celo network
  • use-contractkit
    • A Web3Modal-like experience that injects ContractKit into your web-based application. Supports a variety of different wallets, including but not limited to Valora, Ledger, Metamask (Celo compatible fork) and any WalletConnect compatible wallets
  • DappKit
    • Easily connect to the Valora wallet with your React Native mobile application
    • Valora manages user account, private keys and transaction signing, so you can focus on building your dapp
    • Learn more and see the code with the Dappkit truffle box
  • Python SDK
  • Java SDK


  • Valora provides a clean, intuitive UI where users can send transactions and interact with smart contracts
  • Forno
    • Node access service so you can connect your dapp to the Celo blockchain without having to run node infrastructure
  • QuickNode
    • Enterprise node service with a dashboard, metrics, security controls, customer support and no rate limits (pay-as-you-go).
  • ODIS
    • Oblivious decentralized identity service
    • Lightweight identity layer that makes it easy to send cryptocurrency to a phone number
  • Blockscout block explorers
  • to check network activity and health


Ethereum Tools#

  • Similarities between Celo and Ethereum means you can use many of the most popular Ethereum developer tools.
    • Celo supports the EVM, so tools for writing smart contracts in Solidity (or any language that compiles to EVM bytecode) are compatible with Celo
    • ERC20, NFT (ERC721) and other smart contract interface standards are supported, see Celo for Ethereum Developers
    • Truffle
    • OpenZeppelin
    • Remix
    • Many more

Ongoing projects#