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Alfajores Testnet

Collection of resources to get started with Celo Alfajores Testnet (Celo's Developer Testnet).

What is the Alfajores Testnet?

The Alfajores Testnet is a Celo test network for developers building on the Celo platform. You can use it to try out the Celo Wallet or the Celo CLI (by sending transfers to yourself or other users of the testnet). You can also assist in running the network by operating a full node on your machine (or on a cloud or hosting provider).


The Baklava Testnet is focused on building operational experience and best practices for node operators.


Please refer to Key Concepts for background on blockchains and an explanation of terms used in the section.


The Alfajores Testnet is designed for testing and experimentation by developers. Its tokens hold no real world economic value. The testnet software will be upgraded and the entirety of its data reset on a regular basis. This will erase your accounts, their balance and your transaction history. The testnet software will be upgraded on a regular basis. You may encounter bugs and limitations with the software and documentation.

Please help the community to improve Celo by asking questions on the Forum!


Your use of the Alfajores Testnet is subject to the Alfajores Testnet Disclaimer.