Baklava Testnet

The Baklava Testnet is the second Celo test network after Alfajores. You can use it to participate in the The Great Celo Stake Off. Subject to these Terms and Conditions, eligible participants will have the opportunity to receive Celo Gold at the Mainnet launch of the Celo Protocol. The Stake Off will operate in phases, with each phase focusing on a different part of the protocol or infrastructure to test.

Once you have registered for The Great Celo Stake Off, follow these instructions to set up a full node or a validator on your machine (or on a cloud or hosting provider).

Please refer to Key Concepts for background on blockchains and an explanation of terms used in the section.

Baklava is an incentivized testnet for the Celo Protocol. Its tokens hold no real world economic value. It is an early, partially audited release of the Celo Protocol. Transitions between each phases of The Great Celo Stake Off may require a full network reset, a hard fork, or an upgrade. Network resets will erase your accounts, their balance and your transaction history. You may encounter bugs and limitations with the software and documentation. Continued participation may require you to upgrade your client software.

Please help the community to improve Celo by asking questions on the Forum!

Your use of the Baklava Testnet is subject to the Baklava Testnet Disclaimer. Participation in The Great Celo Stake Off is subject to the Terms and Conditions.

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