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Key Concepts

Crypto made for mobile.

What is the Celo Platform?

With its interoperability, cross-chain compatibility and vision for inclusivity, Celo enables native and non-native digital assets–both private and public)–to circulate freely, at extremely low costs and high speeds, across devices, carriers, and countries–making money mobile, global and accessible like never before.

What is CELO?

CELO is a platform-native reserve and governance asset, serving as the primary asset in the stability mechanism (Mento) that supports stable digital currencies like cUSD and cEUR. CELO’s primary function is stabilization, ensuring the healthy velocity of assets that globally circulate and transact on Celo. CELO also serves as the key governance mechanism for the Celo Platform. Owning and using CELO supports the growth and development of the Celo Platform by enabling each CELO owner to vote on proposals that direct how the core technology operates today and in the future.

What can Celo Dollars Do?

Named for the currencies they follow, Celo Dollars (cUSD) and Celo Euros (cEUR) are Mento stablecoins that allow you to share value faster, cheaper, and more easily on your mobile phone. Mento stablecoins instantly unlock access for everyday uses like low-cost remittances and cross-border payments, global distribution of charitable aid, effortlessly paying online, or transferring value within exchanges, particularly in markets subject to currency volatility.