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Deploy on Celo with Remix

How to deploy a smart contract to Celo testnet, mainnet, or a local network using Remix.

Introduction to Remix

The Remix IDE is an open-source web and desktop application for creating and deploying Smart Contracts. Originally created for Ethereum, it fosters a fast development cycle and has a rich set of plugins with intuitive GUIs. Remix is used for the entire journey of contract development and is a playground for learning and teaching Celo.

In this guide, you will learn to deploy a smart contract on Celo using


To learn more about the features available to you as a smart contract developer with Remix, visit the Remix documentation.

Create a Smart Contract

  • Navigate to and select contracts > 1_Storage.sol from the File Explorers pane.
  • Review the smart contract code and learn more using the Solidity docs or with Solidity by Example.
  • Complete any changes to your smart contract and save the final version (Command/Ctrl + S).


Compile the Contract

  • Choose the Solidity Compiler Icon on the left side menu.
  • Check that your compiler version is within the versions specified in the pragma solidity statement.
  • Select the Compile button to compile your smart contract.


Deploy the Contract

  • Click the Deploy and Run Transactions Icon on the left side menu.
  • Choose Injected Web3 as your environment.
  • Connect MetaMask to Celo testnet and verify that the environment reads:
    • Custom (44787) network for Celo testnet
    • Custom (42220) network for Celo mainnet
  • Click Deploy and select Confirm in the MetaMask notification window to pay for the transaction


Interacting with the Contract

  • Select the dropdown on the newly deployed contract at the bottom of the left panel.
  • View the deployed contract’s functions using the Deployed Contracts window.
  • Select functions to read or write on the Celo testnet using the function inputs as needed.
  • Confirm write transactions in the MetaMask Notification Window to pay the transaction’s gas fee.


View Contract Details

  • Copy the contract address from the Deployed Contracts window on the left panel.
  • Navigate to the Celo Block Explorer and use the contract address to search for your contract.
  • Explore the details of your deployed smart contract and learn more about the explorer here.


Verify the Smart Contract

  • Verifying a smart contract allows anyone to review your code from within the Celo Block Explorer. This can be done using the Remix Sourcify Plugin.
  • Navigate back to the Remix IDE, select Plugin Manager from the left side menu.
  • Search for Sourcify, click Activate, and open the newly installed Sourcify Plugin.
  • Choose Verifier, select the dropdown menu, and choose the location for your deployed contract (example Celo (Alfajores)).
  • Paste your contract address into the Contract Address field and select Verify.

The source code of the contract that you are verifying will need to be in Remix. Contracts deployed with Truffle, Hardhat, and other tools can also be verified using the Remix Sourcify plugin, but you will need to copy your contract source code into Remix first.


  • Navigate to the Contract Address Details Page in the block explore to, use the Code, Read Contract, and Write Contract panels to view and interact with your deployed smart contract.