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Launch Checklist

A comprehensive guide to assist you in launching dapps on Celo.


  • Wallet Connect: Essential for Valora integration.
  • Security Audit: Have you finished this? Remember to publish the results and the auditor's details on your website.
  • Due Diligence: Ensure you share the following forms:


Make your dapp stand out by reporting it on these platforms:

Website & Documentation

If your dapp has smart contracts

  • Add a tutorial about how to use the contract/token, etc.
  • Best practices include: using Open Zeppelin contracts and not writing everything from scratch as this could open your contracts to vulnerabilities.
  • Consider your options for a contract audit.

If your dapp doesn't have smart contracts

  • Discuss potential extensions or enhancements.


Provide resources for users:

  • Guide on getting started with your dapp.
  • Instructions on how to on/off ramp for a seamless dapp experience.


  • Complete the Marketing Intake Form and share your marketing strategies.
  • Join the Celo Founders Telegram group.
  • Remember to tag @celoorg in any launch announcements.
  • Ensure you have public-facing Terms & Conditions.
  • Make sure you have a public-facing GDPR privacy policy or meet other privacy requirements.