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Web3Modal SDK & Wagmi


npm install @web3modal/ethers5 ethers@5.7.2


On top of your app set up the following configuration, making sure that all functions are called outside any React component to avoid unwanted rerenders.

import { createWeb3Modal, defaultConfig } from '@web3modal/ethers5/react'

// 1. Get a Project ID from
const projectId = 'YOUR_PROJECT_ID'

// 2. Set chains
const celo = {
chainId: 42220,
name: 'Celo',
currency: 'CELO',
explorerUrl: '',
rpcUrl: ''

const alfajores = {
chainId: 44787,
name: 'Alfajores',
currency: 'CELO',
explorerUrl: '',
rpcUrl: ''

// 3. Create modal
const metadata = {
name: 'My Celo App',
description: 'My Website description',
url: '',
icons: ['']

ethersConfig: defaultConfig({ metadata }),
chains: [celo, alfajores],
defaultChain: celo,

export default function App() {
return <YourApp/>

Use the <w3m-button /> web component anywhere in your app to open the wallet modal.

export default function ConnectButton() {
return <w3m-button />

Web components are global html elements that don't require importing.

Smart Contracts interaction

import { useWeb3ModalSigner, useWeb3ModalAccount } from '@web3modal/ethers5/react'
import { ethers } from 'ethers'

const USDTAddress = '0x617f3112bf5397D0467D315cC709EF968D9ba546'

// The ERC-20 Contract ABI, which is a common contract interface
// for tokens (this is the Human-Readable ABI format)
const USDTAbi = [
// Some details about the token
"function name() view returns (string)",
"function symbol() view returns (string)",

// Get the account balance
"function balanceOf(address) view returns (uint)",

// Send some of your tokens to someone else
"function transfer(address to, uint amount)",

// An event triggered whenever anyone transfers to someone else
"event Transfer(address indexed from, address indexed to, uint amount)"

function Components() {
const { address, chainId, isConnected } = useWeb3ModalAccount()
const { signer } = useWeb3ModalSigner()

async function getBalance(){
if(!isConnected) throw Error("User disconnected")

// The Contract object
const USDTContract = new ethers.Contract(USDTAddress, USDTAbi, signer)
const USDTBalance = await USDTContract.balanceOf(address)

console.log(ethers.utils.formatUnits(USDTBalance, 18))

return (
<button onClick={getBalance}>Get User Balance</button>