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Governance Cheat Sheet

List of governable parameters and governance restrictions on Celo.

Governable Parameters

  • The stability protocol, including the exchange
  • What the protocol does with data feeds from Oracles
  • Adding or removing Mento stablecoins
  • Whitelisting Mento stablecoins (or other ERC20s) for use in paying gas fees
  • The identity protocol, including how phone number attestations works
  • Linking of signers and off-chain metadata (e.g claims) to accounts
  • Most of Proof of Stake protocol, including elections, locked gold, slashing parameters
  • On-chain governance itself
  • MinimumClientVersion
  • BlockGasLimit
  • IntrinsicGasForAlternativeFeeCurrency

Things That Can't Be Modified By Governance

  • The protocol by which nodes communicate
  • The format of block headers, block bodies, the fields in transactions, etc
  • How nodes sync
  • How nodes store their data locally
  • Most parameters that affect the blockchain