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Celo Wallets

Overview of digital wallets available to send, spend, and earn Celo assets.

Choosing a Wallet

Wallets are tools that create accounts, manage keys, and help users transact on the Celo network.

It's important to be careful when choosing a wallet because they manage your secret account keys. You should only use reputable wallets that are well maintained by organizations/people that you trust.

The Celo Native Wallets section shows some popular wallets that were built specifically for the Celo network. They often include features that more general wallets do not, like paying for fees with cUSD. The Celo Compatible Wallets section has wallets that can work with Celo but were built for other networks (like Ethereum) or through company partnerships (like Pesabase).

Celo Native Wallets


Valora is a mobile wallet focused on making global peer-to-peer payments simple and accessible to anyone. It supports the Celo Identity Protocol which allows users to verify their phone number and send payments to their contacts.

CeloWallet is a lightweight, mobile-friendly wallet for both web and desktop. It supports core Celo functionality like payments, exchanges, staking, and governance.

Celo Terminal

Celo Terminal is a wallet and DApp platform. It aims to be a hub for installing and running Celo DApps locally on your desktop.


Celo Extension Wallet is a fork of Metamask for the Celo Network. It's a browser extension for Chrome.


Enkrypt is a self-custodial, open-sourced, client-side and multichain browser wallet with CELO natively integrated.


Steakwallet is a non-custodial, multi chain staking wallet. It aims to be the hub for mobile DeFi, supporting Celo from the very start.

Celo Compatible Wallets

There are currently a few other compatible wallets. When the upcoming Donut hard-fork is live, Celo transactions will become compatible with Ethereum transactions. This will allow some Ethereum wallets to work with Celo. More updates on this coming soon.


You can learn more about connecting Metamask to the Celo network here.

Wallet Connect

Strictly speaking, wallet connect is not a wallet; it is an open protocol for connecting wallets to Dapps. Celo wallets are implementing Wallet Connect version 1, so dapp developers should use V1 as well.

Dove Wallet

Wigwam Wallet




Lemon Cash




Kanzu Banking

Kotani Pay





El Dorado