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Set up a Ledger Wallet with Celo

How to set up a Ledger Nano S or X hardware wallet.

Hardware Security Module

A hardware wallet or Hardware Security Module (HSM) holds a single random seed (expressed as a mnemonic) which can be used to generate any number of public-private keypairs, that is, any number of accounts ("wallets"), each with an associated address.


The steps below require technical knowledge. You should be comfortable with the Command Line Interface (CLI) and understand the basics of how cryptographic network accounts work.


Make sure to have the following before you begin:

Installation Instructions

Install the Celo Application

Start by installing the Celo application and setting a PIN on your Ledger device by following steps 1 and 2 on this page.


Make sure to securely back up both the PIN and the recovery phrase (also known as a backup key or mnemonic). If you lose them, or they are stolen, you lose access to your Celo assets with no recovery possible. The recovery phrase will be shown only once.

Open the Ledger Live App on your computer and follow the instructions on the screen.

Search for “Celo” in the app store.

Click Install for the Celo app, this will install the Celo App Version 1.0.3 on your device.


If you’ve previously installed the Celo app on your device, you’ll see an Upgrade option instead of Install.

The installation is completed once you see the green tick and Installed label.

You should now see on your device’s screen Celo app. You may need to toggle left or right using the buttons on the device to find the app.

Quit the Ledger Live app on your compute but keep the Ledger wallet connected to your computer.

Setting up the Celo app

On your Ledger Nano device enter the PIN if prompted and press both buttons at the same time to open into the Celo app.

Press both buttons on the device at the same time to continue.

The Celo app is now ready for use and you should see Application is ready on the screen.

Connect your Leger to Celo applications