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Welcome to Celo

Celo's mission is to build a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity—for everyone.

Getting Started

Celo is a mobile-first blockchain that makes decentralized financial (DeFi) tools and services accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. It aims to break down barriers by bringing the powerful benefits of DeFi to the users of the 6 billion smartphones in circulation today. Use this documentation as your guide into the Celo ecosystem!

Celo ❤️ Feedback

If you have any ideas to improve the docs please make an issue, discuss in the forum, or become a contributor.

Celo Basics

Learn the Celo Basics to get an overview of our mission, vision, whitepapers, and resources.

Use Celo

Get up and running as a Celo holder, validator, developer, using tools in the Celo ecosystem.

Explore Celo Data

Explore Celo data to view the reserve, network, dapps, and additional analytics.


Connect to Celo using a variety of APIs and SDKs for iOS, Java, React, and more.

Join the Community

Connect with the community to stay up to date on the latest news, events, and updates.

Get Support 💬

Need help with anything related to Celo? Find Celo on Discord, Forum, or Telegram.