Using the CLI

This section describes how to make a transaction using the Celo CLI. Doing so is easy and quick once you have fauceted yourself some funds and have a full node running.


  • You have Docker installed. If you don’t have it already, follow the instructions here: Get Started with Docker. It will involve creating or signing in with a Docker account, downloading a desktop app, and then launching the app to be able to use the Docker CLI. If you are running on a Linux server, follow the instructions for your distro here. You may be required to run Docker with sudo depending on your installation environment.

  • You have celocli installed.

    See to Command Line Interface (CLI) for instructions on how to get set up.

  • You have a full node running. See the Running a Full Node instructions for more details on running a full node.

  • You have fauceted yourself. See the Faucet instructions for help funding your account with testnet tokens.

Sending a payment

Unlock your accounts so that you can send transactions:

$ celocli account:unlock --account $YOUR_ADDRESS --password <YOUR_PASSWORD>

Send a payment to another account:

$ celocli account:transferdollar --from $YOUR_ADDRESS --amountInWei $AMOUNT --to $DESTINATION_ADDRESS