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Support for digital asset exchanges or ranking sites that would like to run a Celo node and audit your setup.


If you have any questions or need assistance with these instructions, please contact cLabs or ask in the #exchanges channel on Celo’s Discord server. Remember that Discord is a public channel: never disclose recovery phrases (also known as backup keys, or mnemonics), private keys, unsanitized log output, or personal information.

This guide will also help you find all the necessary information about brand assets, how to integrate with Celo and what useful listing information are made available to you as well as any information about looking for support.

Celo Brand Assets for Listing

If you are listing Celo on your exchange, you will probably need access to the Celo Platform brand assets. They can be found here.

Please ensure your use of the Celo Platform assets provided follows the brand policy found here.

How To's

Integrating Celo With Your Infrastructure

There are several ways to integrate the Celo Platform with your infrastructure.

A general overview of integrations that would be relevant to you listing Celo Platform are shown here.

For more specific use-cases for exchanges, please checkout the Custody and Exchange Integration Guide as well.

Important Information

Celo Native Asset and Stable Value Currencies

There are key assets on the Celo network, the Celo native asset (CELO) and Celo-powered Stable Value Currencies, such as Celo Dollar (cUSD) and Celo Euro (cEUR). CELO was formerly called Celo Gold (cGLD) when the contract was deployed, so you will often see references to Celo Gold and CGLD in the codebase. To learn more about the two, please read this section of the docs.

You can also view the forum post about the name change here.


Address for CELO and Stable Value Currencies

Useful API endpoints

The following are useful API endpoints available to you that would help you in your listings of the CELO and cUSD digital assets.

CELO and Stable Value Currencies

Total CELO supply

For querying the API on total coins in circulation in CELO, which are the total amount of coins in existence right now, the following endpoint will provide you with that:

$ curl
Stable Value Currencies
cUSD Circulating Supply

Circulating Supply refers to the # of coins that are circulating in the market and in the general public's hands.

$ curl
cEUR Circulating Supply

This endpoint is not yet available.

CP-DOTO (Stability Algorithm)

CP-DOTO information can be found here.

For API endpoints useful for listing that follow CMC requirements

Mento Addresses

Summary overview of market data for all tickers and all markets. These endpoints don't yet support cEUR.

$ curl


In depth details of the assets available on the exchange.

$ curl

{"code":"200","msg":"success","data":{"CELO":{"name":"CELO","unified_cryptoasset_id":"5567","can_withdraw":"true","can_deposit":"true","min_withdraw":"0.000000000000000001","max_withdraw":"0.000000000000000001","maker_fee":"0.00","taker_fee":"0.005"},"CUSD":{"name":"Celo Dollars","unified_cryptoasset_id":"825","can_withdraw":"true","can_deposit":"true","min_withdraw":"0.000000000000000001","max_withdraw":"0.000000000000000001","maker_fee":"0.00","taker_fee":"0.005"}}}

24-hour rolling window price change statistics.

$ curl


Market depth of a trading pair. One array containing a list of ask prices and another array containing bid prices.

$ curl


Recently completed (past 24h) trades.

$ curl



To learn about the Celo Protocol, please refer to the whitepaper.

If you need more information to explore other aspects of the Celo Protocol, there’s a useful links page.

To learn more about the Stability Mechanism, you can find it over here. The Stability Analysis Whitepaper and blog post will provide a lot more information on the stability algorithm.

If you want to find more information about the Celo Reserve, a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies supporting the ability of the Celo protocol to expand and contract the supply of Celo stable assets, please visit


The Celo Protocol GitHub is located here.


All the security audits on the smart contracts, security and economics of the Celo Platform can be found here.