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Bridge Native Assets with Etherscan

How to bridge native assets from ETH and Matic to Celo with Etherscan.

Call the EthHelper

Navigate to the Etherscan (or Polygonscan) page for the EthHelper.

Ethereum EthHelper Address = 0x2784a755690453035f32Ac5e28c52524d127AfE2
  • Open the Write Contract pane > connect your wallet > then select sendToEVMLike
    • Optics is designed to support multiple non-EVM chains
    • This function helps you send ETH to another chain that uses EVM-style addresses

Bridging Native Assets with Etherescan

  • For payableAmount enter the amount you'd like to send in ETH.

1 wei = 1 / 10 ** 18 ETH.

  • For _domain, enter the domain ID of the chain to which you'd like to send tokens.

Domain IDs are like phone numbers. They represent the chain you're going to call.

Celo Domain ID = 1667591279
  • For _to, enter the address of the recipient on the destination chain.
  • Select write > sign the transaction > then send it to the network.


Wait for a moment for your transaction to finalize on the network.