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Mobile Wallet

How to get started with the Alfajores Testnet using the Celo Mobile wallet.

Getting Started

Since verifying your phone number costs gas, you have to be invited to the platform to have the funds to pay for the verification process. To do so, please visit and enter your phone number to be messaged an invitation code.

If you already have an account (and the corresponding seed phrase), you can download the Celo wallet from the play store and follow instructions in the app to import your wallet using the seed phrase.

If you need more funds, you can always visit and enter your address to get more Celo Dollars.

Verifying your phone number with an invitation code

For more information on how to run a build of the Celo Wallet and develop on it, please refer to the Running the Wallet Locally section.

For more detailed information on how to get an account please refer to the Getting an Account and Funds section.

Report a Bug

To report a bug, navigate to the settings screen of the Celo Wallet and tap 'Send an Issue Report'. As always, please reach out on if you have any questions.