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Using the Wallet

This section explains how to use the Alfajores Testnet Celo Wallet. You will need either an account or an invitation in order to get the Celo Wallet in order to verify your phone number.

Getting an Invitation Code#

Get an SMS Invite Code#

If you don’t have an account, please visit and enter your phone number to be messaged an invitation code. Please note that the Celo Wallet is presently only available for Android, with iOS coming soon.

Restore from Backup#

If you already have an account (and the corresponding seed phrase), you can download the Celo wallet from the play store and follow in-app instructions to import your wallet using the seed phrase.

Downloading the Celo Wallet#

To download the app on the Play Store, go here. Note that you will need an account or an invitation code to use the wallet.

Running the Celo Wallet Locally#

For more information on how to run the Celo Wallet locally, please refer to the mobile wallet setup instructions

Get More Funds!#

If you need more funds, you can always visit and enter your address to get more Celo Dollars. You can find your address in the settings page within the wallet